Episode 102 - "The Invitation"

Size: 25kb
Brittany: "Ugh! I hate when the pudding has skin on it."
Daria: "I know what you mean...and that scares me."

Size: 15kb
Jane: "Hi, I'm Daria. Go to hell."

Size: 30kb
Jane: "You know, just because people are cliquey and snotty is no reason not to like them."
Daria: "...Or hate them."

Size: 25kb
Daria: "Look, TWO kinds of chips!"
Jane: "'Lot of ridgies. You make the call."

Size: 21kb
(Knock, Knock)
Upchuck: "Hey...don't lean on the buttons!"

Size: 64kb
Preppy guy: "Sooo...Where have you girls been all our lives?"
Daria: "Waiting here for you. We we born in this room. We grew up in this room. And we thought we would die here...alone. But now you've arrived, and our lives can truly begin."

Size: 39kb
Daria: "Boy, you try to look out for your little sister..."
Quinn: "Make it ten."
Daria: "Well, I have been saving up for a pair of snappy orthepedic shoes."

Size: 17kb
Daria: "It's the soul trail...beep beep...get on board."

Size: 10kb
Daria: "All in all, a great night."

Size: 82kb
Daria and Jane question an snooty elderly driver at the gates.

Size: 36kb
Quinn: "It was kind of...what's that thing, when stuff turns out funny...moronic."
Jane: "Ironic"
Daria: "She was right the first time."

Size: 50kb
Upchuck: "To your left, the home of the town director public works, built on unstable landfill. Tor your right, a flattened squirrel. Straight ahead, THE FUTURE!!!"
Daria: "Stuff a sock in it, Upchuck."
Upchuck: "Oooooohhh, feisty!"

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