Episode 104 - "Cafe Disaffecto"

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O'Neil: "To visit alt.lawndale.com was to come together with the planet."
Daria: "Come together with the planet? By staring at a screen for hours? Sitting in a room with people you never say a word to?"

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Daria the Visionary.

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Kevin: "Daria, you're a chick. Right?"
Daria: "Why? Do you have a biology test today?"
Kevin: "I mean, why should I be interested in anything this Shakespere guy says?"
Kevin: "You? Well, Hamlet has a skull in it."

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Jake ignores Helen walking by, but acknowledges Quinn.

Size: 149kb
Daria and Helen exchange blows about colleges.

Size: 106kb
Helen and Daria exchange blows about priorities.

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Daria remembers one of her essays.

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Daria tells O'Neil that Jane will help out, then her response.

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Quinn convinces a lonely guy to buy phone cards.

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Jane: "She passed out on the floor while we were standing there."
Li: "Did she ask you to FEED her the chocolate?"
Daria: "No."
Li: "How do you know it wasn't for her family?"
Jane: "She has no family. She ate them."

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Daria's choices for poems.

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The Guitar guy at the coffeehouse.

Size: 73kb
Andrea's poem at the coffeehouse.

File: Size: 284kb
Daria's short story at the coffeehouse.

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