Episode 105 - "Malled"

Size: 26kb
Jake: "A hundred miles, to go to a mall?! Dammit! There's a mall five minutes away!!"

Size: 33kb
Daria: "If you play that John Lennon song backwards, it says: "Imagine all the people, browsing in a mall." Isn't that weird?"

Size: 21kb
Quinn: "How will I hold my head up in the Fashion Club?!"
Daria: "A traction pulley?"

Size: 61kb
Quinn: "Just because you're not interested in what's new and attractive and popular......"
Daria: "Oh, I'm interested, but why go a mere hundred miles away? I bet they have some facinating malls in Southeast Asia."
Jake: "Southeast Asia?! To go to a mall??!! Dammit!!!"

Size: 26kb
Kevin: "Alright! Field trip! .... Where're we going, man?"
Daria: "The field."
Kevin: "Cool!"

Size: 21kb
Jane: "The mall is a dangerous influence on today's teens and the florecent lights give you seizures."

Size: 24kb
Brittany: "Would you rather do what we do .... with your teammates?"
Kevin: "BLEEAAUCK!!"
Brittany: "Alright then."

Size: 23kb
Kevin hums "99 Bottles of Beer" while making out with Brittany.

Size: 20kb
Jane: "Upchuck, are you aware that many therapists now accept gold cards?"

Size: 90kb
Daria: "I think I'm going to be sick."
Jane: "Um, could it possibly wait?"
(Everybody Ooohs and Ahhhs)
Daria: "I know I'm going to be sick (vomits)."
Jane: "Bien danetos a la Mall of the Millennium."

Size: 34kb
Daria: "I know I'm going to be sick." (Pukes)

Size: 77kb
Mrs. Bennet: "You have a mnemonic device Kevin?:
Kevin: "It's not a S&M thing Mrs. B, it's just a way to remember that."
Mrs. Bennet: "Let's hear it!"
Kevin: "Fmossthree. Fmossthree! Get it? Fmossthree! Or was it Fmosstwo?"
Mrs. Bennet: "Everyone, write it down!"

Size: 24kb
Jane: "I always look for security leading somebody away in handcuffs. Shoplifters are always the best judges in merchandice."

Size: 42kb
Jane: "Traffic patterns at the food concessions."
Daria: "Hmmm, I've noticed a pattern: People walk here looking hungry."
Jane: "And leave, stuffing their face."
Daria: "Assignment completed."

Size: 26kb
Jane: "'Got us a ride home. Cool."
Daria: "No, I blew it. I should've made them drive Upchuck home."

Size: 31kb
Clerk: "Don't you get it? You're our winner!!"
Daria: "Winner?"
Jane: "You know. It's another word for loser."

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