Episode 108 - "Pinch Sitter"

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Demartino: "Can anyone give me another example of a group using cohersive techniques, such as peer pressure, chanting, and social isolation, to maintain control over others? Brittany?"
Brittany: "Cheerleading?"
Demartino: "Ah, Brittany. Sometimes, despite a complete lack of INSIGHT, you stumble upon an interesting answer."

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Jane: "She'll never have to worry about mind control."
Daria: "No. But she'll have to watch out for ferrets building a nest in her head."

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Daria: "I don't like kids. I didn't even like kids when I was a kid."

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Deana Decker: "And what are your priorities, Quinn?"
Quinn: "1.) Dating. 2.) Shopping. 3.) Bouncy hair. 4.) School.

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(Quinn bawling)
Daria: "Can we punish her now? It's time for a punishment! Can we punish her now?"

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The eternal struggle between Daria and Quinn

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Daria: "You know, she stuffs her bra."
Quinn: "Hi, I'm Quinn. I'll be allowed to date in four years."

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Lauren: "Now, we don't let sitters to use the phone. But, we made an exception for Quinn after she explained that she calls her grandmother every hour."
Daria: "My grandmother?"
Lester: "To tell her to take her pill."
Daria: "Oh yeah. Actually, tonight, it's my turn."
Jane (Phone): "Yo."
Daria: "Hey Grandma, it's time for your damn pill."

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Tricia: "We're supposed to be discussing current events."
Daria: "I have a headache. Is that current enough foryou?"

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Tricia: "Sugar is bad."
Tad: "Sugar rots your teeth."
Tricia: "Sugar makes you hyper."
Tad: "Hitler ate sugar."

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Tad: "Compact discs were forced on consumers so that record companies could increase their profit margins."

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Jane: "And the dish ran away with the spoon. But Hawaii was the only state that would recognize the marriage as legal."

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Daria: "So Old Mother Hubbard tracked down the deadbeat loser, and made him pay child support."

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Tricia: "Cool...mud wrestling! Oooh...busted!"
Tad: "Kick him to the curb, girlfriend!"

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Demartino: "Although your topic on the "Cult of Abs" was an intriguing one. I'm afraid that the choice of PHOTO-COLLAGE rather than ACTUAL TEXT did not work to your advantage."
Brittany: "D, bummer. And I ruined all my magazines."

Size: 44kb
Mr. Demartino: "Daria, your paper was excellent! And the original research was thought provoking. Although it would be considered a felony in most states."

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