Episode 109 - "Too Cute"

Size: 27kb
Daria: "What is it?"
Tiffany: "It's Brooke's new nose. Isn't it cute?"
Daria: "Don't worry, it'll grow out."

Size: 36kb
Sandi: "No, Quinn's just so deep, she thinks we would say something is cute, when it's not cute, which we wouldn't."

Size: 13kb
Dr. Shar: "It'll be fun!"
Daria: "I don't like fun."

Size: 105kb
Upchuck: "Good day ladies! What's in the box? Art project? Science experiment? Adorable little pet? Rruff!"
Jane: "A little of each, Upchuck. Take a look."
Upchuck: "Hmmm. Call me country bumpkin, but what is it?"
Jane: "It's a fake boob."
Upchuck makes weird noises and runs away.
Jane: "Guess he's not quite ready for a physical relationship."

Size: 29kb
Quinn: "I need to borrow six thousand dollars."
Daria: "I don't have six thousand dollars."
Quinn: "It's an emergency!"
Jane: "Well! If it's an emergency..."

Size: 25kb
Daria: "I can't have this on my conscience."
Quinn: "You don't have a conscience."
Daria: "What I meant was...I don't feel like it."

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