Episode 110 - "The Big House"

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Quinn: "I can't breathe mother...I can't breathe!"

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Daria: "Does this mean we get to wander in the desert for forty years?"

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Daria: "Am I the only one who sees what's going on around here?"

Size: 6kb
Daria: "Prepare to be busted."

Size: 53kb
Kevin: "I say Mr. D goes down halfway through the second period."
Mack: "That's too late. He's going to blow out early in the game, while the adrenaline is high."
Jodie: "You guys are so insensitive!"
Kevin: "What do you have in the pool, Jodie?"
Jodie: "Third period, two minutes in...prime cramping time."

Size: 34kb
Daria: "Dad...these tired bones may be locked behind prision walls, but when I play this rusty old harp, my soul flies free as a bird."

Size: 33kb
Mr. DiMartino: "Come on! Take...your...punishment...like...a man!"
Rock n' Roll Randy: "I'm not a man, dude...I'm a rocker!"

Size: 30kb
Daria: "There's no sadder sight on this earth than a football player trying to think."
Jane: "Who said that?"
Daria: "I believe it was Jefferson."

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