Episode 111 - "The Road Worrier"

Size: 24kb
Jane: I think Trent's band might have an opening for a fly girl.
Daria: I think I might have an opening for a new friend.

Size: 61kb
"Ice Box Woman" by Mystik Spiral

Size: 17kb
Jesse: We're borrowing our drummer's van, The Tank. It's indestructable.

Size: 22kb
Tiffany: Why are we going to Alternapalooza? Isn't that for girls who don't shave?

Size: 39kb
Helen: Quinn! What IS that thing on your arm?!
Quinn: Don't worry, mom. It's fake.
Daria: Awww. you got a tattoo to match your personality.

Size: 11kb
Jake: Remember, Daria. Just say no.

Size: 22kb
Trent: If you lived here, you'd be home by now.
Daria: And bored out of your mind.

Size: 31kb
Jane: I hate to tell you this, but there's a spot of peanut-buttery goodness on your butt.
Daria: Of course there is.

Size: 19kb
Daria: Can you rig that glue gun of yours to shoot bullets? I'm ready to end my suffering.

Size: 96kb
Daria: "I shouldn't have had that tea."
Jane: "You have to go? There's some trees over there!"
Trent: "What the matter Daria, you gotta wizz? "
Jesse: "What's wrong?"
Trent: "It's Daria, she has to pee."
Jesse: "You have to pee Daria? You can pee behind those trees. See those trees? You can pee behind there!"
Daria: "If I'm not back in ten minutes, don't send help."

Size: 10kb
Daria: Stop staring at me, you squirrel pervert!

Size: 66kb
Tiffany: "Ugh, stretch pants, every where you look, stretch pants."
Stacy: "Hey, these are stretch pants! I'm wearing stretch pants!"
Sandi: "They're leggings!"

Size: 23kb
Trent: Daria, do you feel like maybe you ARE wasting your life?
Daria: Only when I'm awake?

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