Episode 200: "Daria Day 1998"

Daria Day 1998 was a season 1 marathon hosted by Daria and Jane that lasted from noon to six, and repeated until 10:30, when season 2 premiered with "Arts & Crass". Between commercials, the two answered E-Mail sent to MTV Online (Which paved the way for "Ask the Cast" on www.mtv.com.).

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Daria: "....So kick back, get down, throw up, and let's start things off with the very first Daria episode ever."
Jane: "Esteemsters."

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Daria: "Can you guess what's coming up next?"
Jane: "Could it be... our second episode?"
Daria: "Correct. It's "The Invitation". About one of those big High School parties that always gets out of hand."
Jane: "Did it EVER! That party went on LONG after we finished shooting."
Daria: "Some of us were partying harder than others."
Jane: "What do you mean?"
Daria: "Does the phrase "Skinny-dipping in the fishpond" mean anything to you?"
Jane: "Who else saw?"
Daria: "Who didn't?"

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Ask Daria: "How come your sister doesn't like you? Let's give my brother to Quinn, and I could have you."
Ask Daria & Jane: "Are you a virgin, and is your friend a virgin, too?"

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Ask Daria: "How old are you?"

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Daria: "So much for higher education. Now we're going to get into an activity that really important to society, shopping."
Jane: "See, we're going to skip episode 4, and go on episode 5, "Malled", for complex technical reasons."
Daria: "They lost the tape."
Jane: "In this episode, for some trumped-up reason, the whole economics class goes to the world's 2nd or 3rd largest mall."
Daria: "Teens at a mall, talk about your groundbreaking storylines."
Jane: "That's why we have that shelf full of awards, my friend. I'd like to thank the members of the academy....."
Daria: "Oh, let's just watch."

Size: 92kb
Ask Daria: "Was Quinn ever dropped on her head as a baby?"
Ask Daria: "Will you marry me? I love you!"

Size: 121kb
Ask Daria: "Are you a lesbian? If so, would you be interested to act in a film?"

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Daria: "Now Daria Day takes a turn for the serious, with an episode that really takes on society's worship of empty beauty. It's called "This Year's Model.". And boy, is it powerful."
Jane: "Hard-hitting."
Daria: "No holds barred."
Jane: "No punches pulled."
Daria: "No quarter given."
Jane: "No prisoners taken."
Daria: "Airing it was a spit at the face of the glamor-worshipers who erode the nobility of the human spirit."
Jane: "It didn't make a damn bit of difference."
Daria:"Not for a second."

Size: 60kb
Ask Daria: "Why does MTV suck so much?"

Size: 84kb
Daria: "Fun! Excitement!"
Jane: "Time and a half holiday pay."
Daria: "Big fat season premiere at 10:30!"
Jane: "Endless reruns leading up to it."
Daria: "Episode seven, science project!"
Jane: "Mismatched lab partners!"
Daria: "Hilarious antics!"
Jane: "Adorible rodents!"
Daria: "Why are we talking like this?"
Jane: "I don't know!"
Daria: "Episode seven!"
Jane: "The Lab Brat!"

Size: 110kb
Ask Daria & Jane: "What's your opinion on bad grammar?"
Ask Daria:"Do you wear a bra?"

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Daria: "Well, by now we're so far into Daria Day that I can't remember anymore what a regular day feels like."
Jane: "I'll never be able to go back to regular days after this. It's sad really."
Daria: "Which episode's next?"
Jane: "Pinch Sitter."
Daria: "Oh yeah, the one with those two cute little child actors."
Jane: "It's a shame what happened to those kids after this episode made them stars."
Daria: "Yeah, really."
Jane: "I kinda feel partly responsible."
Daria: "I know exactly what you mean."
(Both Sigh)
Daria: "Here's "Pinch Sitter."."

Size: 85kb
Ask Daria: "Do you think the world is going to end in the year 2000, or do you think we're going to be wiped out as in the Bible?"

Size: 96kb
Ask Daria: "How do I get rid of a large growth on the big toe of my left foot?"

Size: 121kb
Daria: "Hey, it's super-duper Daria Day! Leading up to our 2nd season premiere at 10:30."
Jane: "What a teriffic way to celebrate the unique entertainment phenomenon that is Daria!"
Daria: "Indeed, and our next episode is "Too Cute", in which 75& of the Fashion Club get nosejobs."
Jane: "Of course, they've had a LOT more work done since then."
Daria: "Oh yeah."
Jane: "But we're not supposed to talk about it."
Daria: "'Cause they're our collegues and our peers."
Jane: "..The surgically-enhanced nitwits.."
Daria: "Here's "Too Cute"."

Size: 107kb
Ask Daria: "Hey Daria, what's up with you and Trent?"

Size: 45kb
"Now this one has everything. Crime & punishment."
"Generational conflict?"
"Psychological warfare."
"And a fat guy on rollerblades."
"We call it...."
"The Big House"

Size: 131kb
Ask Daria & Jane: "Why the hell don't you ever change your clothes?"

Size: 93kb
"Folks, it's time now for a very special episode of Daria."
"An episode about the most important thing in a young girl's life."
"Kill you."
"And the one glorious emotion that soars above all others in her heart."
"Feed your body to dogs."
"Here's "The Road Worrier"."
"Ugly dogs."

Size: 129kb
Ask Daria: "I have a sister just like Brittany except for the fact that she's not blonde which she's taken care of. She always does her cheers everywhere and anywhere. Please tell me how to tell her she's an idiot without hurting her feelings. I've seen her cry, it's not a pretty sight."

Size: 173kb
Jane: "Now wasn't that touching? Wasn't Daria all cute and vulnerable in that episode?"
Daria: "Hey, I'm an actress. I do whatever the script requires."
Jane: "Uh huh. And if the script required you to take a long van trip with Upchuck?"
Daria: "New script. Anyway, we're coming down the proverbial home stretch of this portion of Daria Day"
Jane: "Although, after we show these last two reruns, we're coming back again with more reruns at 8:00."
Daria: "And then we've got our big season 2 premiere at 10:30."
Jane: "And then at 11:00, we go into season 2 reruns."
Daria: "That's a joke."
Jane: "We hope."
Daria: "So here's our 12th show from season one, about a treacherous trip to the woods."
Jane: "And an even more treacherous family reunion."
Daria: "It's called "The Teachings of Don Jake"."

Size: 121kb
Ask Daria: "Why are you and your family always eating the same thing at the table? It looks like lasanga and bacon strips."

Size: 137kb
Jane: "Crazy Morgendorffers running around in the woods. Funny!"
Daria: "But now I think it's time to get a little serious, don't you?"
Jane: "Oh yes, time to tackle one of those sensitive subjects that cartoons handle so well."
Daria: "We're talking about the big chill, the grand goodbye, the ultimate trip.
Jane: "The final quietis, sayonara, so long, it's been so good to know ya."
Daria: "Buying the farm, biting the big one, the big equalizer."
Jane: "Here's the episode that won us the prestigious award for best television programming involving the death of a cute animated character."
Daria: "The Misery Chick"

Size: 110kb
"When you're at school and Brittany is getting on your last nerve, what stops you from yelling at her?"

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