Episode 201 - "Arts & Crass"

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Helen: "..And you'll get busy again, Jakey. Just be patient!"
Jake: "But what'll I do in the meantime?"
Helen: "You're always saying you want to work on your cooking."
Daria: "If you're looking for some way to occupy yourself, there are plenty of chores that need doing around here. ......... What? You get to say it."

Size: 49kb
Jane: "I'm going to do something that REALLY represents student life."
Daria: "Yes."
Jane: "That tells the truth about how it can suck."
Daria: "Yes."
Jane: "That blows away the storybook fantasy about how great it is to be young."
Daria: "Yes."
Jane: "And you're going to help."
Daria: "No."

Size: 20kb
Jane: "You're a real Joan of Arc, you know that?"
Daria: "Yeah, and I think I just ordered a stake."

Size: 55kb
Trent: "Alright, here's the plan: I'll sit right here right here with my foot on the accellerator ready to burn rubber."
Jane: "Trent, pull over there and make sure you turn off the car in case you fall asleep, ok?"
Trent: "Alternate plan. Cool."

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Ms. Li: "Did you really think you were going to get away with it?!"
Jane: "Well, it would be stupid to say yes now."

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