Episode 202 - "The Daria Hunter"

Size: 18kb
Demartino's sinister laugh.

Size: 59kb
Jane: "Ow! Those paintball thingys hurt."
Brittany: "Oh no, you're hit, you're out of the game."
Jane: "Damnit! Oh well."
Brittany: "Poor kid. She never had a chance."

Size: 61kb
Daria: Somebody in a movie once said "Hell is the only possibility of sanity." That's what this place feels like, Hell. I hate it already, and it's only been an hour. Some damn hour, Grandma.

Size: 23kb
Daria: "Ow!"
Jane: "Sorry."
Daria: "What took you so long?"
Jane: "I stopped to wipe out a village of farmers."

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