Episode 203 - "Quinn the Brain"

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Jake: "Yeah, I know! You see, I was trying to call the number for MoviePhone, and out of nowhere this woman comes on the line..."
Helen: "Jake...what are you talking about?"
Jake: "That's not the phone bill? What is that?"

Size: 17kb
Daria: Mom, if you're going to reminisce, I'm afraid that I'm going to have to call Social Services."

Size: 8kb
Daria: "I'll take the Vegas odds on that one."

Size: 25kb
Jeffy: "The greasy fry, it cannot lie. The truth is written on your thigh."

Size: 25kb
Daria: "Hold it...I think I feel a poem coming on. [belches] Sorry, false alarm."

Size: 15kb
Tiffany: "Messing with the mind can be so dangerous."

Size: 19kb
Jake: "Eyes upon the issues! Drugs! Peer Pressure! Is it a problem with your gang?"

Size: 7kb
Daria: "Ummm....ok."

Size: 62kb
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