Episode 208 - "Gifted"

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Brittany: "The Telltale Heart"? I LOVE romance novels!
Daria: Yeah, nothing says "Be Mine" more like a pounding heart beneath the floorboards.

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Jane: I KNEW those straight C's in math would pay off, someday.

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Helen: We're going to Grove Hills this weekend!
Quinn: That place where they fence in all the geeks? Why do I have to go? That's not fair!
Helen: Quinn, I'm afraid siblings aren't invited, you're staying home.
Quinn: You mean the whole family gets to go without me? That's not fair!

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Quinn: I'm not afriad.
Daria: Yeah. Why should you be afraid? Of mass-murderers, serial killers, torturers, cannibals, PUPPY KICKERS?

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Helen's conversation with Linda Griffin. (UNCUT)

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Quinn's conversation with Sandi. (UNCUT)

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Daria: Remember: No matter what happenens on this ride, you've already waived your right to sue me for confining you with lunatics.

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Daria: Thank god for standardized tests. Otherwise, you'd never know who your real friends are.

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Jodie: You realize your negative approach to everything is self-defeating, right?
Daria: Well, it's nice to know there's someone I can defeat.

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Quinn: I don't get abstract art. Who wants to look at a bunch squiggly six-eyed people when you can get those really pretty cat paintings on the Shopping Network? Not that I like to waste money on art.

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Trent: Hey.
Quinn: ExCUSE me. I have a name.
Trent: Right, "Daria's sister".

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Quinn: ...and another thing is: Who came up with the name "Tennis bracelet", anyway? It's sounds like the name of a sweatband if you ask me. You know what I'd name them? "Wrist ornaments". It's like a tree ornament, only for your wrist. Doesn't that sound festive?
Jane: Take .. her, ... now.
Daria: This story I've got to hear.

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