Episode 210 - "Fair Enough"

Size: 54kb
Li: "Those who refuse to volunteer must voluntarily purchase a ticket for $10, or voluntarily face suspension. Have a nice day."
Daria: "That may be the stupidest thing I ever heard of."
Jane: "I know. We've gotta go!"

Size: 47kb
Quinn: "I'll will make a dainty garland for my head and sing. I'll will make a dainty garland for my head and sing. I'll will make a dainty garland for my head and sing....."
Daria: "..with a hey-nonny-nonny, tra-la tra-la. Would you give it a rest?"

Size: 13kb
Daria: "I will make a dainty garland for my neck and choke."

Size: 54kb
Li: "Mr White, if you'll just sign this waiver absolving Lawndale High of any responsibility for your accidental death, we can start the fun!! (Toots mini-trumpet) LET THE SPOOGE BEGIN!!"

Size: 114kb
Ms Barch: "You'll marry a man while still in your prime, then, after putting him through school and spending 20 long-suffering years, begging him to turn off those damn broncos and get a real job, he'll walk out of your life, leaving behing a trail of muddy footprints behind on the freshly-clean carpet. But you'll be much better off without him. MUCH better off."
Jane: "Much, MUCH better off."
Daria: "And SHE's the living proof."
Jane: "Should we get OUR fortune checked?"
Daria: "I'll pass. Knowing the present is bad enough."

Size: 80kb
Quinn: "I WILL make a DAINty GarLANd for MY neck and SING! La, la la laaa!"
Jeffy: "That lust precedes from one and drunkeness consider how drunken lot pervertedly slept with ...... that lust preceds from ......"
Quinn: "STOP!!!"

Size: 15kb
Jane: "Must .... stick .... head ...... cold .... water."

Size: 28kb
Jane: "Uh-oh. Someone just put us in a position of responsibility."
Daria: "The day has suddenly turned sinister."

Size: 64kb
Daria: "And the real Robin Hood lived in the 1300s. King Edward II busted Robin and his band of outlaws poaching deer. But, rather than punish him, he pardoned Robin and made him his special friend."
Jane: "Robin was so grateful, from that day on he insisted on giving the king his bath."

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