Episode 305 - "Daria Dance Party"

Size: 31kb
Brittany: "Jane, your picture is full of bloody people. That's not a still life!"
Jane: "Sure it is. The blood's the reason they're so still."

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Li: "Where is your instructor?"
Brittany: "She went to the ladies room."
Li: (Whispering through tape recorder) "10:25, Defoe leaves post without clearance. Initiate investigation."

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Brittany: "For your information, there are PLENTY of guys that think I'm pretty AND smart!
Daria: "You can visit them at the Cedars of Lawndale head injury ward."

Size: 24kb
Quinn: Don't anybody move.
Jake: Charity bloodsuckers!
Daria: No, it's the fashion bloodsuckers.

Size: 5kb
Stacy eeps in terror.

Size: 30kb
Kevin: "No offense, but no way. I mean, what are you thinking?"
Daria "Huh?"
Kevin "Gotta go." (leaves)
Jane (shouts) "But what about the baby?!!"

Size: 2kb
Mr O'Neill eeps in surprise.

Size: 33kb
Quinn "Hi. I just wanted to tell you, um, my great-aunt Audrey died two days ago and I'm too upset to head the dance committee. You know, death and all. Okay, gotta go."

Size: 23kb
Sandi: "I forgot all about the dance. Gee, that's too, too bad."

Size: 21kb
Jane: "Organizing a dance is the best way to say "Jane Lane wants to be your friend."

Size: 35kb
Angie: "Brittany, honey... (whispering) your date dances like a big geek and I thought you should know."
(Brittany squeals and runs off)

Size: 121kb
Daria and Jane exchange parts of a math problem.

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