Episode 106 - "It Happened One Nut"

Size: 16kb
Daria: "That's right, let it out."
Jane: "Just make sure you clean up after."

Size: 9kb
Brittany: "Eeeewwwwwwwwwww!!"

Size: 60kb
Helen officially becomes an asshole.

Size: 90kb
Helen: "A mortician?!"
Daria: "Hey, it's not my fault. Neck model was already taken."
Helen: "Your lack of interest in personal interaction makes you an ideal candidate for working with the dead." Daria, have you given any thought to your career plans?"
Daria: "I guess I'll just wait around for people to kick the bucket."
Helen: "I can't believe you're not more ambitious."
Daria: "You want me to kill people to drum up business?"

Size: 292kb
Tiffany councels Daria in a social class.

Size: 131kb
Kevin's lack of nut-selling skills are displayed.

Size: 46kb
Jake: (sniffs) "Hey, what's for dinner? Peanut butter sandwiches?"
Quinn: "That's Daria. She smells like peanuts from her stupid job."
Daria: "I what? (sniffs) Oh, God. That explains those squirrels at the bus stop."

Size: 24kb
Trent: (sniffs) "Hey, that's weird. Suddenly, I'm in the mood for peanut brittle."

Size: 26kb
Daria: "I've always dreamt of the day my picture would hang in a nuthouse."
Manager: "Well, if you expect to keep it there, you'll have to remember to smile."

Size: 27kb
Trent: "I've been craving honey-roasted peanuts all day."
Jane: "Getting a snack? Yum! Let's go snack somewhere."

Size: 66kb
Quinn: "Oh, no! Where's Joanne?!"
Woman: "Who's Joanne?"
Quinn: "Mr. Matthews said not to let the puppies' little paws touch the rough floor, so I put them on the lid from Joanne's cage."
Woman: "Who's Joanne?!"
Quinn: "How did she get over the side of the cage?! Don't boa constrictors have gravity?"
(Woman screams)

Size: 25kb
Jane: "Come on, let's get some pizza, or tacos, or cheese sticks, or stuffed pitas, burgers, bagels, chicken fried BBQ buffalo wings? My treat."

Size: 35kb
Jane: "Hey! I just remembered! Big string give-away at the guitar store, this way. Hey, look! Monster trucks and naked models. Naked, naked, naked!"

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