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All of the sounds are recorded in .wav and .ra formats. I do not have the space to record them in other formats.

All of the WAVs are encoded in MP3-compression. If you've downloaded the WAVs, and they sound like something died inside your PC, I offer the following suggestion:

Download the codec that enables your soundcard to understand the format (It's possible that installing WinAMP also accomplishes this task, but I cannot confirm it.).

EpisodeSeason 1Season 2Season 3Season 4Season 5
0 Sealed With a Kick Daria Day 1998 Daria Day 1999 ??? Is it Fall Yet?
1 Esteemers Arts & Crass Daria! Partner's Complaint Fizz Ed
2 The Invitation The Daria Hunter Through a Lens Darkly Antisocial Climbers
3 College Bored Quinn the Brain The Old and the Beautiful A Tree Grows in Lawndale
4 Cafe Disaffecto I Don't Depth Takes a Holiday Murder She Snored
5 Malled That Was Then, This is Dumb Daria Dance Party The "F" Word
6 This Year's Model Monster The Lost Girls I Loathe a Parade
7 The Lab Brat The New Kid It Happened One Nut Of Human Bonding
8 Pinch Sitter Gifted Lane Miserables Psycho Therapy
9 Too Cute Ill Jake of Hearts Mart of Darkness
10 The Big House Fair Enough Speedtrapped Legends of the Mall
11 The Road Worrier See Jane Run The Lawndale File Groped by an Angel
12 The Teachings of Don Jake Pierce Me Just Add Water Fire! Fire!
13 The Misery Chick Write Where it Hurts Jane's Addition Dye! Dye, My Darling!

Miscellaneous sounds.

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