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All of the WAVs are encoded in MP3-compression. If you've downloaded the WAVs, and they sound like something died inside your PC, I offer the following suggestion:

Download the codec that enables your soundcard to understand the format (Installing WinAMP also accomplishes this task, but not all the time).

File: theme.rm Size: 100kb

A RealMedia clip of the Daria Theme (Short version). You need RealPlayer to listen to this clip.

File: YSOMN.mp3 Size: kb

"You're Standing on My Neck" by Splendora. The full version of the Daria theme song. Any player for MP3s will do.

File: TDTS.mp3 Size: kb

"Turn Down the Sun" by Splendora. The opening to "Is It Fall Yet?". Any player for MP3s will do.

Top 10 Animated Videos Countdown, hosted by Daria and Jane

None as of yet.

Daria's appearance on MTV's Cool Crap Weekend.

None as of yet.

Daria's New Year's 2000 Message to the World.

Ask Daria

"Why do guys suck? I mean all the good ones are either taken or gay."

"The popular girls at our school are bitches!! How do we deal?"

"Daria, how come you never change your clothes?"

"Why don't you just murder your family?"

"If you had a chance to mutilate Quinn's face, what part would you destroy first?"

"Why is your sister a redhead, while none of your family members do?"

"What color fingernail polish would you be and why?"

"What do you plan to do after high school?"

"Hey Daria, will you ever dress up like a normal person in future shows, I mean like Brittany or Quinn?"

"Will Lance ask me out and if so, when? And should I say yes or no?"

"Hey Daria. I was wondering if Jane and Kevin will ever get together. I mean, they should."

"Daria, in your show are you gonna stay the same age or will you age, unlike stupid shows like Beverly Hills 90whatever?"

"What's your definition of popularity and what do you think of the people who are popular?"

"I love your show, but I have a question. Why do you never smile?"

"Do I have a zit problem?"

"Who bothers you the most, your father or your mother?"

"Hey Daria! Are you actually friends with Brittany?"

"Will I marry Justin from `N Sync?"

"Do you know Spanish?" "Do you like skulls?"

"Do you think i should do a spell on my ex-boyfriend?"

"Dear Daria, any truth to the rumor that your family will soon be appearing on the Jerry Springer Show? Thanks for clearing that up."

"Hey Daria, can you tell me the fastest way to get a boyfriend?"

"Am I doomed to be surrounded by morons for the rest of my life?"

"Daria, what is that crap you eat for dinner?"

"Give me suggestions as how I can be as cool as you."

"Why do you and your sister wear the same outfit every day?"

"If you were stranded on a desert island with your family and were starving to death, who would you eat first?"

"Where does a woman like you come from, and where can I get one?"

"Do you think it is possible to inflate your pants and fly around the world like a hot-air balloon?"

"Are you a lesbian because you and Trent will never hook up?"

"What should I wear to the prom this year, what's in style?"

"Could you give me a pair of your boots? They're cool, and I'm not about to get a job to buy a pair."

"What do you do when you're not doing the show?"

"Daria, who really answers these questions? Some Joe Schmoe who works part-time at a convenience store?"

Ask Jane

"Did you ever play a musical instrument?"

"Do you have a right ear?"

"Hey Jane! You're my favorite cast member! What did you do before Daria moved to Lawndale? Did you hang out with anybody?"

Ask Quinn

"What would go better with a tanktop, platforms or high-heels?"

"Quinn, what kind of clothing would you suggest a guy wear on a first date?"

"Quinn, if you could be a nail polish, what color would you be and why?"

Ask Trent

"Trent, what's your ideal date?"

"Trent, how can I find a guy like you?"

"Trent, what would you not write a song about?"

Ask Jake & Helen

"Are you people evergoing to eat anything other than pizza and lasanga? I can see why Daria's crazy."

"Jake, why do you always let Helen control your life?"

"Jake and Helen, what in the world were you thinking when you named your kids Quinn and Daria?"

"Jake and Helen, why don't you have another kid?"

Ask Kevin

"Kevin, why is it that you never know the answers to the questions of subjects other than football?"

"Kevin, How many sides are on a triangle?"

"Kevin, what would you do if you started getting straight A's?"

Ask Brittany

"Brittany, the cheerleaders on the other squads keep making passes at my crush during the basketball game. What should I do??"

"Brittany, Kevin is so cheating on you. Why don't you dump his you-know-what-rhymes-with-glass?"

The following no longer exist, and I was not able to retireve them from MTV.com. Therefore, these have been lost to the ages.......:

Ask Brittany

"Brittany, how do I get the popular girls to like me?"

"Brittany, what is the meaning of life?"

Ask Daria

"Daria, I am 16 and never been kissed. Am I a dork?"

"Daria, what's your opinion on cruel and unusual punishment?"

Ask Jane

"Jane, what do you do if your art teacher is a hypocritical jerk who knows jack about freedom of expression?"

"Jane, what should I do when idiotic authority figures refute my genius?"

Ask Quinn

"Quinn, what is up with you and your pores?"

"Quinn, I think this guy likes me. I keep seeing him looking at me and, after he looks, he talks to other guys. What do you think?"

Ask Upchuck

A classic opener for the man who wishes to rock her world and roll his "r"'s.

A handy phrase that suggests clandestine you-know-what-I-mean.

Soulful serenading to seduce the shyest of senoritas.

This one is sure to lead to boogie oogie oogie 'til you just can't boogie no more.

This suggestion will bring out the feline in any female. Me-ow!

Paint a portrait d'amour with this allusion to tempting textiles.

When pitching woo, give her feelings their due, and she'll soon be saying "Ooooh!"

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