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Episodes that don't have sounds.
EpisodeSeason 1Season 2Season 3Season 4Season 5
0Daria Day 1999???"Is It Fall Yet?"
1"Partner's Complaint""Fizz Ed"
2"Through a Lens Darkly""Antisocial Climbers""Sappy Anniversary"
3"The Old and the Beautiful""A Tree Grows in Lawndale""Fat Like Me"
4"Depth Takes a Holiday""Murder She Snored""Camp Fear"
5"The 'F' Word""The Story of D"
6"Monster""The Lost Girls""I Loathe Parades""Lucky Strike"
7"The New Kid""Of Human Bonding""Art Burn"
8"Lane Miserables""Psycho Therapy""One J at a Time"
9"Jake of Hearts""Mart of Darkness""Life in the Past Lane"
10"Speedtrapped""Legends of the Mall""Aunt Nauseam"
11"The Lawndale Files""Groped By an Angel""Prize Fighters"
12"Pierce Me""Just Add Water""Fire! Fire!""My Night at Daria's"
13"Jane's Addition""Dye! Dye, My Darling!""Boxing Daria"
14N/AN/AN/AN/A"Is It College Yet?"

I'm also accepting requests for "Sealed with a Kick", "Daria Day 1999", and the Animated Top Ten Videos.

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